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Faith and trust Love

Psalm 144:1,3 – Faith and Mystery.

Here is the revelation that is shaping my life today – love dispels my ‘why me’ questions.

Psalm 144:1,3 TPT

There is only one strong, safe, and secure place for me; it’s in God alone and I love him! He’s the one who gives me strength and skill for the battle. [3] Lord, what is it about us that you would even notice us? Why do you even bother with us?


Faith and mystery. David is a young man about to face a giant in his life. He declares to himself, and to the spiritual realm, that his trust is in God. But he cannot not address the question in his mind, “why?” God why do you bother to even notice me? This is the difficult edge of faith. David realises what we all know, we don’t deserve a second glance from God. There is nothing in me that would cause God to notice me.

Every giant we face positions us at this place of faith and mystery. Faith and doubt. Declaration and uncertainty. We either retreat into ourselves under the weight of doubt, or we stand and face the day with a declaration of faith in God. God is nothing, or He is my strong, safe, secure, strength and skill for battle. I either walk out into my circumstances with faith declaring my stance, or I stand alone in my own strength and skill.

There is no reason for faith. There is no reason why God would notice you. There is nothing in you that deserves His notice. There is no contract that commits God to you. In actual fact I can list the reasons why my God should have nothing to do with me. So you will never stand on reason. This is why God invites us firstly and foremost into His love. This is Gods consistent and unmoving stance towards me – He loves me. Love is the only reason for faith. God is love and exercises love towards me, and because of love I will stand in Him. If you don’t know His love deeply, the why question will falter your faith stance.


I will stand in faith because of love. The why question is answered for me in your declaration and constant expression of love towards me. The fact that there is no why in me to cause your notice amplifies your love for me. It’s not caused love, but uncaused love. It does not come towards me based on my lovability, so I will not hide when I am messy and not made up. You are my “strong, safe, secure place…my strength and skill for battle,” this will be how I face my giants.


Thank you that love dispels the why. Thank you that faith does not have to be absent of doubt. Thank you that you never leave me to my capacity in the face of my giants. Thank you that you notice and bother with me. I will live in this blessing.


How often do you question the reasons for Gods goodness, presence and commitment towards you?

What underlying questions fuel these questions? Ask God for His perspective.