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About Us

About Coffee with God

Coffee with God is an invitation for you to join a conversation. It originated from my morning coffees with God. I enjoy coffee and Him with a passage of scripture initiating the flow of our conversation.

What I found is that God is always talking to me, and He uses scripture to confront and rearrange my thinking about identity and core truth that shapes my life. He is always bringing revelation to me about the way life was meant to be lived according to his design and purpose, and the way of engagement.

As I listen and sit intimately with Him I find myself wooed by love, and not intellectual persuasion, into His ways for my life. I feel a passion to follow him rise in me that is not religious or manipulated but love motivated. I feel His invitation to healing and freedom. I grab glimpses of the great expanse of the life he calls me into and hope-filled expectation rises in me. I find myself immersed in peace as I realise I am not alone. I realise that I am not expected to travel alone the road he calls me to and that I am not judged and punished harshly by my continual failure to follow.

I embrace the awareness of my brokenness and failures without shame or condemnation and I inspect it with my friend, who unpacks in a way that disempowers its hold on me. Coffee with God is an invitation for you to sit and enjoy Him and to reflect upon life at the intimacy of His table. To listen for the revealed truth that He wants to shape your life upon.I have included a “Journey Deeper’ section that is designed as an opportunity to further meditate upon the revealed truth with God and to journey into His healing and freedom that enables the truth to become shaping truth in your life.

I’m just an ordinary guy who shares his table, coffee and conversation with the supernatural presence of God. I do not work hard to listen, I do not intellectually wrestle, I just position myself with coffee and expectation of a great time – from this position I just flow in the conversation of what I am hearing Him say.

Whilst I am most keen on you listening and following God, I am also aware that you may like to know something of who I am. My name is Greig Whittaker and I am currently the team leader (with my wife Amanda) at the Ryde Salvation Army in NSW Australia where we have shared life with the church community for over 23 years. I also work for The Salvation Army as their manager of innovation across Australia. I have a degree in theology but recognise deeply that my learnings of the things of the Kingdom of God flow from His presence and personal teaching. God has rescued me many times from shaping stories in my life that corrupt and rob his goodness from being fully realised and has placed within me a passion for His freedom and healing to be a natural part of the daily comings and goings of people. His presence with me always means that I lack nothing in any situation, no matter how challenging or painful, I live from this simple but powerful stance. Amanda and I have two amazing kids, Jessica and Jack and two chosen kids, Mark and Stacey.

So grab a coffee…..

Also, if you enjoy your conversation then share it with a friend or two.