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Journey Deeper


Journey Deeper is designed to take the revelation that God is bringing to you and to journey in His presence into a freeing fullness of His truth. It is a journey of awareness, healing, deliverance and freedom. Whilst they journey can be taken alone, often it can be enhanced by inviting an entrusted other to journey with you.

Living in the fullness of life that God intends and desires for each of us is a journey of intimately walking with him. Jesus tells us in the parable in Mark 4:26-29 that the harvest of the life of the Kingdom of God comes supernaturally and mysteriously. It is not through our hard works but through planting the seeds of Kingdom thinking in the presence and power of God.

The model for this in scripture is one of death and resurrection. The life of God comes as we firstly die to the stories and core truths in our lives that have been shaped by the systems of the world, significant others, and the ways of darkness, that are not aligned with the ways of God. It then comes as we renew our minds with Gods ways and thinking. Kingdom of God life is always resurrection life, it always requires a process of death.

Jesus in his first sermon put it this way… “The Kingdom of God has come near. Repent and believe the good news!” (Mark 1:15). “Repent” is the process of changing our minds, this is the death part, and the “believe” is the renewal of my thinking to align with Gods ways, this is resurrection life.

Caroline Leaf makes the comment in her book “Switch on your Brain’ that “nothing happens until you first build a thought.” Journey deeper is thought healing and thought building in the presence of God. Too often we have focused on behavioural change, rather than understanding that behaviour is the echo of our beliefs. If we allow God to reshape our thinking and core truth to come into alignment with His Kingdom then the harvest of the Kingdom life will flow naturally.

Please do not head out on this journey on your own. It is in God’s presence, attentive to Him, that going deeper is journeyed. As Brennan Manning in his book “Abbas Child” directs us ….“In the embrace of God our evil impulses are converted and transformed into good.” Failure to recognise that the Kingdom flows from His presence and not our efforts rips the heart out of the Christian message and heads us on a path of self-improvement.This journey is one of Holy Spirit revelation and a wonderful mixture of confidence and surrender, and this comes upon us as we commune with God in the intimacy of relationship.

Enjoy Him, this is the key to journeying deeper.