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Welcome to Coffee with God.

Here is a brief outline of how to engage with Coffee with God.

This is a shared journey of my enjoying coffee in the presence of God.

The invitation is to grab a coffee, or just a quiet comfortable place, and invite God to commune with you, to speak to you. This does not move God but it does move you. Make sure you start with this invitation, even if you don’t believe God speaks.

Then engage with the post, or the Coffee with God live, and allow revelation to come supernaturally naturally into your spirit. Don’t work hard just relax in confidence that God is present and speaks.

The Spirit of God, the “Spirit of truth,” (John 14:16) will guide you into a truth that He wants to establish in your life. This may be a promise He wants to encourage you to shape your life upon, a healing or freedom that he wants to bring, or the release of gratitude for the truth that is already yours. Or something else….

Often this time will be one where life’s wounds or brokenness may come to your mind. You may hear the Spirit share truth but have a reaction that this truth is not for you, or feel the voices of disqualification that would keep you from receiving it as yours. The ‘Journey deeper’ section has been designed to guide you through a process in God’s presence of healing, freedom and renewal.

When you register you will receive an email every time a new post is uploaded to prompt your engagement.

And the invitation is to share your coffee with God. As I share my coffee with you, please share your coffee experiences with your friends.

Enjoy Him!