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Faith and trust Love Show all

Psalm 116:1,10-11 – Lover God

This is the revelation shaping my life today:

I am passionately in love with God because he listens to me. Even when it seems I’m surrounded by many liars and my own fears, and though I’m hurting in my suffering and trauma, I still stay faithful to God and speak words of faith.


God meets me in love. He then releases me in His way of love, as He enables and empowers me with love. The “becauses” to my passionate love for God are many, if I were to start the list I would tire before it’s completion. I am caused to love God, but there is no cause for Him to love me. In actual fact God does not ,love anything about me. His love for me is without cause – and my encounter of his without cause love transforms me into a without cause lover. For this is true love, this is God love, this is the love of Heaven that transforms and restores the earth. Love that does not demand arousal, payment, stimulation, cause – this is the love the world needs now.

It’s my encounter of His love that empowers my “stay faithful,” when life surrounds me and taunts and tempts me to despair. Circumstances are the playground of the enemies deception to walk away from love. It says “if loved by God then why this?” The enemy of God, my enemy, knows that when my heart questions Gods love for me then my faith will sway in the wind of this uncertainty. So he uses the inevitable storms of life to stop me “speaking words of faith”. My enemy does not say to me “come follow me,” rather he tempts me to stop following God – for the outcome is the same. You can’t reject God and walk into Switzerland, there is no neutral territory in this life; rejection of the ways of Heaven means the deployment and empowerment of the ways of the world and darkness. There are only two languages by which we write our stories for life.

Lover God does not promise the silence of liars and fear, nor the absence of hurting, suffering and trauma. He loves to keep me safe, but He is not in control of those in the sand pit in which I play. God can’t keep me from the evil of the world, even the evil of my creating, for to do so would require that God reject loving me in order to take control over me. Love cannot breathe in control – love requires the oxygen of freedom to be alive.

Will I ever take responsibility for my decisions and appreciate the nature of open freedom and the impact upon me of the decisions of others?When will I stop demanding that lover God lay down His love in favour of keeping me safe? It’s ridiculous and insulting to demand love do what destroys itself. Love can’t, God can’t, keep me safe, He is not in control! If He were then He has some serious questions to answer.


I will live aware of the danger of questioning Gods love, and it’s impact upon my ability to stand by faith in the stories of life. I will live aware that his without cause love for me, causes me to have freedom that I am responsible for. Life is a responsible activity – I will stop my childish ways of complaining to love and rejecting love when the freedom of love plays difficulties in my life. I love being loved, I love being free to love – I will live responsibly for love sake.


Thank you that my life with you is based on being your beloved. You only call me to your love for everything flows from here. You do not demand I behave for love – my behaviour to your preferred ways is only ever a response to your love. Thank you that your love establishes my faith and is the strength of my faith to stand in the face of life’s circumstances. I am a loved man – I am blessed!


Spend some time in meditation. What story of love do you believe for your life?