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Faith and trust Intimacy Show all

Psalm 112:1 – Intimacy over knowledge

Here is the revelation shaping my life today:

Everyone who loves the Lord and delights in him will cherish his words and be blessed beyond expectation.


Most things in creation have a sequence. You plant, then water, then harvest. When you get the order right things play out as per their design. The Kingdom of God has an order to how it flows through your life.

Firstly everything of the Kingdom starts from a place of intimacy. “Everyone who loves the Lord and delights in him.” The ways of God are not taught by man, God teaches you God ways from the intimacy of his embrace. We all know that intellectual knowledge does not always effect change (smokers?). You can study the ways of God and gain an intellectual understanding but not live the blessed life of His kingdom. Kingdom life is lived from revelation than flows from intimacy.

Intimate revelation that flows from love and delight leads to passionate following. You can recognise those who doggedly follow religious laws, there is no joy in their following. They have rules learned and enforced by religion, not intimate revelation in which they delight. There is an old song that says “there is joy in following Jesus all the way.” If there is no joy in your following then return to the place of intimacy and gain first hand intimate revelation that you cherish, then joy will be in your following. You must get the order right – Joy in the truth, then follow it.

Then, “be blessed beyond expectation.” There are the stories (the what, the treasure) of kingdom life that releases blessing beyond expectation, but they must be embraced in the way of the kingdom. If you hear and intellectually receive the Kingdom story of forgiveness towards others, and you forgive because you must, not because of intimate revelation and delight, then you have the story (the what/the treasure) but not the way, and you will not walk in the blessing.

Here’s the order: revelation received from intimacy (love and delight) leads to joyous following (cherished words), that leads to a life blessed beyond expectation. Get the what of the Kingdom of God in the way of the Kingdom of God and you will live the life of the Kingdom of God.


Get the order right.
I will foremost live from intimacy, as I understand that everything flows from the intimacy of my relationship. I will take every opportunity to spend time in the intimacy of the presence of God, nothing will be more important in my life.
I will make all my shaping decisions from this place. I will not live life following God without the joy of following him. where I need to I will return to intimacy to receive revelation that will fill me with the joy for following. Blessing flows from here.


I love the fact that Kingdom life is not learned from intellect pursuit. Thank you that you base the life of the Kingdom in the intimacy of your love. There is nothing more beautiful than receiving your personal revelation, there is nothing more joy filled than walking in what you personally reveal to me. There is no greater blessing in life than walking in your ways. They often sound crazy, I would never embrace them from an intellectual stand point, I often don’t want to embrace them, but from your intimacy they becoming amazing and I love walking in the upside down ways of your revelation. I am a blessed man, I have a personal intimate tutor for life and I delight in his direction. I will live “blessed beyond expectation.”


Spend some time in meditation. Return to intimacy to find joy and receive revelation.