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Gods power and presence Living abundantly Show all Spirit

Matthew 1:18,21 – Living supernaturally naturally

Here is the revelation shaping my life today:

This was how Jesus, God’s Anointed One, was born. His mother, Mary, had promised Joseph to be his wife, but while she was still a virgin she became pregnant through the power of the Holy Spirit.

An angel tells Joseph about Mary…..”She will give birth to a son and you are to name him ‘Saviour,’ for he is destined to give his life to save his people from their sins.”


We need to learn to live supernaturally, naturally. The birth narrative is so difficult for many people to move past. For many its where they   It’s why many won’t enter in; they won’t suspend logic.

The story of salvation starts with immaculate conception of a virgin testified to by an angel. It’s mystery, supernatural from its beginning. We try often to tame the gospel to be logical, because we can control logic, we are comfortable with logic. But salvation, restoration and deliverance are not logical, they are supernatural. You don’t come to Jesus logically, you come supernaturally, that is what faith is, the non reliance on the logic of sight and explanation to enter into the mystery of the supernatural. You can come to salvation along a path of logic but at some part you must leave the path and enter the unchartered woods of supernatural experience and encounter.

God is not known outside of experience and encounter, His invitation is not to a logical rational relationship, it’s to a supernatural encounter and experience. At some point we experience immaculate conception as we become pregnant with his love, mercy, grace, and intimate presence and we give birth to new life in us and through us. It’s supernatural or it doesn’t happen. There is no logic in having a personal relationship with a none physically present entity, there is no logic in shaping my life through the power of the Spirit that is not able to be seen, examined or tested. Salvation originally enters the world supernaturally and today enters lives and is lived out supernaturally.

The angel tells Joseph what to name Gods son – “Saviour” or “Jesus;” in Hebrew is Yeshua (or Y’hoshua) and means “Yahweh is salvation, restoration, and deliverance.” Here is the challenge today to not program salvation but to invite people into supernatural encounter. I am not restored by hard work, my restoration into the image of God, my God intended created state, is as supernatural as my salvation. I don’t work to become like Christ, Salvation restores Christlikeness in me supernaturally through the presence of the Spirit within me. It’s all supernatural. Deliverance is not a logical pathway, it’s the supernatural warfare that takes place in the spirit realm and then manifests in my life.

It’s not throw our brains out, rather it’s use them more fully. Logic is not the only function for the brain, what about imagination. Logic helps me to understand scripture but God is not known through scripture, it’s in scripture that He engages us in supernatural conversation with Him. Imagination is where spirit meets Spirit. The logical mind helps me to check the imagination mind, the two have a place in my supernatural life with God. God won’t be small enough for my logical mind to comprehend, so He gave me imagination to experience and encounter him deeper than logic can take me.


I will not live a small life contained to the restraints of logic. I will without shame love the supernatural basis upon which I build my life. I will create space for imagination to release my spiritman into the centre of Trinitiarian love and life. I will love the word of God and allow it to launch my supernatural life with Him. I will live supernaturally naturally.


Thank you that you call me beyond what man can examine and control. For what man can control, man will destroy. This is why man can never destroy you. You will not be controlled for the supernatural is beyond the control of man. I love that I am blessed to live supernaturally. To enjoy and engage with this natural world from the view of the supernatural. I am blessed to know that I will never reach the end of you, that my imagination will always be open to experience and encounter more of you. Thank you for logic, thank you for imagination. I am a blessed man!


Spend some time in meditation. Consider, do I allow myself to engage supernaturally with the presence of God? What are the barriers for me? Stop, invite, wait for His supernatural presence to be naturally present.