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Intimacy Living abundantly

James 3:17 – Where do I get the wisdom I need for life?

Here is the revelation that is shaping my life – I must make a clear assessment of the wisdom I am allowing to shape my life and who is its author.

James 3:17 NLT

[17] But the wisdom from above is first of all pure. It is also peace loving, gentle at all times, and willing to yield to others. It is full of mercy and the fruit of good deeds. It shows no favoritism and is always sincere.


God’s wisdom, His ways, are not the ways of the world. They do not compete or promote conflict, they focus on others and not self, they extend mercy and do not judge harshly, and they see the value in every person as made in the image of God. Walking in His wisdom produces the “fruit of good deeds.”


In a world that promotes and is shaped by competition and lives in the constancy of conflict, the wisdom of God is desperately needed. There is so much anxiety, worry, fear about making it, shaping up, being accepted, that is shaping the lives of so many, and causing mental health issues. It is only as people live from the wisdom of God and the peace that it releases will, peace reign among us, our families and our communities.


I find in a society that promotes self, I lose sight of the value of others. I hear the voice on my shoulder tell me all the reasons why I should take care of me first. I fall for it often. But God invites me into such a bigger story for my life – others! As I walk in His wisdom I become joyfully released to be “willing to yield myself to others.” And I get a fresh vision of people. I stop seeing them through the eyes of judgment and favouritism, and I understand and see everyone as created in the image of God. This wisdom of God released in my life sets me so free to love indiscriminately. And I don’t have to put it on, it’s a sincere overflow of a changed lens, renewed mindset, and restored language that God’s wisdom releases. With a life that looks this way, I can now more easily untangle myself from the seat of judgment and speak blessing over those that I would more naturally judge and curse. I love the freedom this is bringing into my life.


Peace, and love for others, the freedom of no more judgment, these are the overflow, the fruit, of walking intimately with God, for His ways only flow from the intimacy of His presence. They are not learned philosophises they are written on my heart in the beauty, intimacy and love of His presence. I do not follow the writings of a dead prophet, I walk alongside a living God. His ways become revelation received Spirit to spirit, not good thinking. You will never think your life into the ways of God, the arguments of the accuser will always point to the logic and reason to walk of another way. They can be heard intellectually, but they will not become the fruit of your life unless you are planted in His intimate presence.



I choose to shape my life on the wisdom from above that is pure, freeing and life-giving. I will take the responsibility given to me in the gift of freedom of choice and I will choose Gods wisdom upon which to shape my life. I will not be lazy and allow the world to drive over me with its ways that rob life from me. I will live in and out the peace, rest, focus on others, freedom from judgment, and love for others, all sincerely released from the intimacy of God and not a burden of performance I strap myself too. I will live passionately in this direction and embrace the forgiveness and kindness of God when I fail as passionately as I desire.


Thank you that you give me the wisdom for life. It is a blessed life that has clarity on the shaping story and influence for life. Thank you that I am not walking through life unaware of where to put my steps, and I am not walking alone. Thank you that life in you is completely available to me, for your wisdom is received in your presence. I live a blessed life.


Where do you turn for the wisdom of life in the situations you find yourself?

How does the wisdom you are shaping your life upon compare to the wisdom from above?


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