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Grace Intimacy

Hebrews 9:15,26 – There is a New Way!

Here is the revelation that is shaping my life today – Sin is abolished – inheritance is available.

Hebrews 9:15,26 TPT

[15] So Jesus is the One who has enacted a new covenant with a new relationship with God so that those who accept the invitation will receive the eternal inheritance he has promised to his heirs. For he died to release us from the guilt of the violations committed under the first covenant…. 26 he has appeared at the fulfillment of the ages to abolish sin once and for all by the sacrifice of himself!



God did not change but the relationship between God and man radically and totally changed in Jesus. “A new covenant with a new relationship with God,” was brought into place in His life, death, and resurrection. And it is radically new, but so often people respond to God under the conditions of the old covenant all relationship. They miss the blessing and inheritance of the new.


The key change is the abolishment of sin. Sin separated man from God, so God put in place a sacrificial system, with temples and priests to administer the requirements. The consequence of my Sin was dealt with by my sacrifices, but not the power of sin. People kept returning to their ways for there was no empowerment for change. Law never brings about long-lasting change. And therefore the problem was that I had to keep coming back to sacrifice.


But no more. Sin, that is it’s capacity to separate me from God, has been utterly, completely, forever dealt with. No more guilt, shame, condemnation, disqualification, based on my poor performance. Forgiveness now covers me completely. It covers everyone. No need for priests and temples and sacrifices, just open personal intimate relationship with God for nothing separates me from His love.


All that’s left is to accept God’s invitation. “So those who accept the invitation will receive the eternal inheritance he has promised to his heirs.” What an invitation, but so many still live in disqualification, or separated from God because they think He is too hard to please. My relationship with God is secure in Jesus plus nothing, I don’t add to what he has done, I accept the invitation to the new covenant relationship. And then from His presence, I receive the eternal inheritance of life forever with God, through Him, in Him. What continual sacrifices could never do, transform me, the presence of God does. Behavioural change flows from the renewing of my mind in the life He reveals and enables me to live.



Live in the new and don’t be seduced to sacrifices and make good. Accept God’s invitation to intimate walking with Him. Receive the eternal inheritance he promises.





Thank you that you abolished sin. Thank you Jesus that you inaugurated a new way of life with you. Thank you that your promises flow from your presence and are not earned or deserved by my observance to laws, or sacrifices. You make me right with you and then give me the Kingdom. I am a blessed person!



Do you live in the fullness of the new covenant all relationship that God established in Jesus for you?