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Living abundantly Love

Philippians 2:4 Self or others?

Here is the revelation that is shaping my life today – the importance of self is blinding, it rings so true that it is hard to silence its demanding seeking for attention.
Philippians 2:4 NLT
[4] Don’t look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too.


“First place, win, be better than all the rest, you are the most important thing.” These are the mantras of a world where self has been elevated to god status. So we trample, consume, and use everything and anything in the name of “I deserve it, I earned it, I need it, I want it.” It’s such a small life and it is tearing this world, and each of us, apart. We have elevated ourselves to a position of importance that we were never created for.
The upside-down ways of God – “others.” When I live from the story of others I don’t ask “what’s the best for me?” I ask “what is best for those around me?” The centre of life moves from the smallness of self to the larger story of others. I find freedom from the prison and smallness of the self-story, and start to see beauty in others, love for others grows and finds expression, giving not getting becomes my new mantra. There is a mystical soaring in my spirit that happens when I give breath to this story. I like myself better, I am a better me.
This is what God is like. You cannot look at God with flesh on, his revelation of self, and not see this lived out. God only ever calls us into being our true selves. For my true self is made in his image, and this is God in action. So in following this kingdom principle for life I find my true self and live more like the true me. This is the most inspiring, passionate, meaningful way to live – being me. It’s sacrificial, in that it costs, but when you sacrifice for such a reward it’s hard to call it sacrifice. This is the crazy sacrifice system of God, within the seed of giving and sacrifice is the reward of a greater life.


I will remove myself from the throne, this is no game, this is life. I will live with ‘others’ as a shaping mantra and a defining principle. I will listen for the awareness of when I have ascended back to the throne, and change my mind and posture. I will for self be me, for I love being the true me, but this true me lives for others. What a sacrifice of blessing.


Thank you that you reveal the corrupt and insidious deceptions of the world gone wrong. Thank you that you invite me into something bigger, bolder, and more beautiful. Thank you that your love for me enables me to be me, the true me. Living in this guy’s skin is so much more enjoyable. Thank you that in your call there is no condemnation or disqualification when I fail to walk in its ways. And thank you that within your call is your power to walk when I choose your ways. I love this life with you.


Meditation – others.
How often do you see life through the lens of self-importance and self as the centre?
Have you experienced the beauty of others?