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Faith and trust Overcoming

Luke 17:6 – Faith is the stuff of the Kingdom

Here is the revelation that is shaping my life today- faith is the key to Kingdom life. Performance flows from faith.

Luke 17:6 TPT

[6] Jesus responded, “If you have even the smallest measure of authentic faith, it would be powerful enough to say to this large tree, ‘My faith will pull you up by the roots and throw you into the sea,’ and it will respond to your faith and obey you.”



Faith receives what God has said. Faith is how I hold out my hands, it’s how I say “yes,” it’s how I position myself to see all that God has promised come to pass. Too often people focus on works, on doing the right things so that God will reward them. They believe that God operates like the world and pays them with His kindness and presence for their good works. But there is no currency in Heaven, there is no trading. God blesses me with the fullness of Himself and the Kingdom, that is already positioned in the now and present always – faith is how I receive Him and all the blessings He offers.


Faith is not a quantity but a stance. Any stance of authentic faith will be powerful to see the Kingdom of God come in your life and in the circumstances you stand. Faith does not look at circumstances, it’s is not aroused by anything other than God Himself and His promises. Faith can shape my life that’s why Jesus describes it as being so powerful. Faith is what pleases God because it is what God calls from me. Any call to action starts with a stand of faith that His call is possible because His presence is with me. The entire way of life of the follower of Jesus is a life of faith. Salvation starts here and continues in the same way.


The enemy of God is an enemy of faith. His only weapon is to stop me from exercising faith. He draws me to be shaped by circumstances, feelings, the words of others, my experience, trauma and brokenness, anything that will lead me away from a stand of faith. He has no weapon that can overcome a stand of faith other than to stop me from standing by faith. It is always a seduction, a deception, lies, that lead me away from faith. Be aware of the enemy’s plans and stand by faith.



I will live a life shaped by faith. I will live intimately with God and then stand in authentic faith in what He reveals and teaches me. I will not live on the waves of emotions and circumstances, I will live on the rock of faith.


Thank you that you call me to faith. Thank you that faith is how your Kingdom life comes upon me and through me. Thank you that faith comes from you as a gift. I lack nothing for a kingdom life. Thank you for this amazing life. I am blessed.



Are there large trees that need to be uprooted by faith in your life?