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Faith and trust

John 8:12,32 – Liveable Faith

Here is the revelation that is shaping my life today- light and freedom are to be lived not just believed in.

John 8:12,32 NLT

[12] Jesus spoke to the people once more and said, “I am the light of the world. If you follow me, you won’t have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life.” [32] And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”





Jesus did not bring a belief system he brought a way of life that was founded on certain beliefs. But his intention was not to gather a group of subscribers to his beliefs but to gather a group of people who would live with him, in his ways, and bring heaven to earth. Have I made it too often about believing and not living? I can ascribe my belief in him, but not give my life. I can say I believe in the light but not allow the light to lead my life. I can know the truth but not allow the truth to lead me into freedom.

It’s liveable faith. I believe in the steadfast love of God for me, so I will live in his love and out his love. You will know what I believe by the love that I live in and the love I express out. I will love without disqualification. I believe in the transformative grace of God towards me, so I will live in His grace and then live out his grace. You will see what I believe in my transformed life and the invitation I give to you to join this transformative life. I believe in the unending mercy of God, so I will live in His mercy, never allowing my behavior and thinking to disqualify me and the voices of shame and condemnation to have an influence on my life. And you will see this in the mercy and forgiveness I extend to you. It’s belief with feet, it’s light that leads to life, it’s truth that leads to freedom. This is life with Jesus.

Belief systems are often used to judge others. They are used to determine who is in and who’s out. They become my security and I become dogmatic and unforgiving towards those who don’t subscribe to my colour of belief. They become ugly when worn this way. Is this why so many reject the church? Is it that we are more about defending some belief than expressing its truth in life? Those who follow Jesus have argued and divided over things they believe he has said and the way they interpret it. They miss the whole light and freedom of the life Jesus came to bring. And no one is attracted to their petty disputes. Jesus came to bring light and freedom to be lived out. Maybe we need to make this our full concentration.

It’s clear that Jesus came to overcome a way of life, the life lived in darkness. This life is shaped by the lies and slavery of the ways of evil, and evils shaping influence on the world. It’s a life lived in misery of living as opposed to the intended life of God. It’s clear that the beliefs that Jesus wants me to live are lived in conflict to an opposing way of life that is prevalent in the world around me. I too often believe one thing but live opposed to my beliefs as I am deceived, lazy, seduced, and broken, which makes me susceptible to walking in darkness. It’s beliefs for life that stand the tests of darkness that Jesus invites me into. Be prepared for conflict.


Walkout what I believe. Live in the light and freedom of the beliefs that God gives. Understand there will be conflict and be prepared for it.


Thank you that you did not give me a religious belief system to dogmatically defend and divide over, but rather a way of life that is interpreted and lived in the intimacy of your leading and empowering. Thank you that it looks different on me than someone else, so I do not try and mimic others or force them into my shoes, but rather walk with what you are doing and revealing to me that leads me into freedom and life. Thank you for liveable faith. I am blessed.


Meditation truth – you have the light that leads to life.


How often do you dogmatically defend some truth rather than live in light and freedom?

What areas of your life do not express the light and freedom that God has revealed to you?