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John 3:17-18 – No judgement – just rescue.

Here is the revelation that is shaping my life today- no judgement means no judgement. How often I allow this truth to be corrupted.

John 3:17-18 NLT

God sent his Son into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through him. There is no judgment against anyone who believes in him.



So often the picture of ‘the angry judge God’ is what people hold. They believe God is out to get them and punish them, and all of us know there is plenty in our lives that deserves judgement and punishment. So why go near the angry judge when you know you are guilty? I feel this story in my life when I perform badly!


We must realise that there is an enemy of God who is always corrupting our image, experience, and understanding of God. His goal – keep us away. We seem to not understand that rejection of God is turning to His enemy. We may not sign up to the enemies plan or team, we may not be paid up subscribers, or even outwardly supportive, but in our rejection of God, we position ourselves in his same position, separate from God, for there is nowhere else to stand.


But the true picture of God is the saving God who is plain to see in the person of Jesus. The God who loves so much that He comes himself to rescue His people from their brokenness and mess and restore them into the life of His design, a life full and abundant, a life eternal. Far from coming in judgement, He came to save us all from judgement, “there is no judgment against anyone who believes in him.” God is not judging behaviour, he dealt with sin in the coming of Jesus, His only question is – “do you want to be with me?” His only judgement, His only measurement of my acceptance is not based on His decision but based upon yours, my answer. God has made us all acceptable in Jesus, so therefore no more judgement, just a simple question – do you want to be with me? This is the heart of God to save you back to himself.


So many who have said yes to that question continue to hold the judging God in their framing picture. They fail to hear the freedom that God brings, “there is no judgment against anyone who believes in him.” Your poor performance is covered in Jesus, you are now in Him, so the only judgement is to see you as perfect in Jesus, as he is perfect. Judgement = punishment. We never come into the home and share the intimacy of the meal table of the judge. His hammer falls and we are sent away. And we know from our penal system that very little behavioural transformation happens through judgement and punishment. Our God has already passed judgement, perfect always, and has opened the door to the intimacy of His table. For from His shared meal table my life is transformed as I experience Him who I am made like, and I become me and enter the me of my abundant life. No judgement – saved to Him.








The picture you hold of God will shape your experience and life with Him. Check your picture looks like Jesus. Check your picture is in alignment with His truth and not a corrupted story of your enemy. I will never come under any form of judgment, so I will never be excluded from the intimacy of His table. I will feast on life in the company of my God and be transformed from my participation in His presence. My knowing and picture will flow from here.



Thank you that there is no judgment, how freeing and beautiful that is. Thank you that your focus is saving me into the fullness of the me you created and the life you intended. Thank you that you have done everything to make the way open that I would choose life with you, life through you. To know the way to life and to be rescued from all judgment is a blessing beyond explanation – I live here!


Meditation truth – “There is no judgment against anyone who believes in him.”


How often in your poor performance do you keep away from the angry judge?

What keeps you, scares you, from the truth of no judgment? What conflicting story in your life challenges this truth?