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Hebrews 7:24-25,27 – God shut it all down.

Here is the revelation that is shaping my life today – God closed forever religion. He desires that there is nothing that stands between me and His intimate presence.

Hebrews 7:24-25,27 TPT

[24] But Jesus permanently holds his priestly office, since he lives forever and will never have a successor! [25] So he is able to save fully from now throughout eternity, everyone who comes to God through him, because he lives to pray continually for them. [27] Unlike the former high priests, he is not compelled to offer daily sacrifices. They had to bring a sacrifice first for their own sins, then for the sins of the people, but he finished the sacrificial system, once and for all, when he offered himself.


No more sacrifices. “Jesus finished the sacrificial system.” Jesus was the full and final sacrifice for sin and stuff ups for everyone for all time. There is nothing to pay, no make good to bring, no debt to carry and cover. Jesus “saves me fully from now throughout eternity.” When I fail I feel there is a debt to be paid. I feel the sting of failure and the demand of make good. It’s the way of the world. You pay for your mistakes. So it’s hard to come before God with my sin in hand and hear him say “nothing to pay, Jesus finished sacrifices to make good for sin.” In the offering of himself he paid for all for ever.


No more priests. “Jesus permanently holds his priestly office.” There are no more go-between. I do not need to come to a priest to have an audience with God. Jesus is my priest I come directly to him. God now has an open door policy, anyone, at anytime, may come into His presence. It is easy to feel disqualified from a direct audience with God, but when I realise that Jesus has covered my sin, and God has flung open the door to entry, why not rush in? There is nothing left to keep me from enjoying His intimate presence.


The salvation that comes to everyone through Jesus is a salvation to intimately living in the presence of God. You do not have to make your way to God, He has made His way to you. He came and cleared the way, closed the sacrificial make good system and sent the priests to get a new profession. He then sends to all humanity the open invitation for personal one on one relationship. It’s the end of religion, its the end of men wearing robes and having a position between me and God, it’s the end of paying for sin, it’s the end of temples as a place to come to meet God. God comes and personally does away with all of this for the sake of intimacy with me and you.



It’s interesting how often I re-erect what God personally dismantled. I will live aware and diligent to not re-establish any system that separates me, or disqualifies me from always living in intimate, open, comes as I am with empty hands, relationship with my God. I will silence all the internal voices that speak in opposition and I will never allow man a position of intermediary between me and God. I will not serve temples, priests or sacrificial systems, it is Jesus alone, who fully saves me for all eternity to enjoy the intimate presence of God.


Thank you that you shut it all down. Thank you that your passion for me is unwavering and you removed anything that would stand in your way of having me for yourself. That sounds ridiculous – I can hear the old system, I can hear the systems of the world, demanding I get back in my place. You are ridiculous, thanks for being extravagantly ridiculous towards me. Thanks for salvation to intimacy. I live so deeply blessed.



How often do you reestablish go betweens of sacrifices, priests and temples between you and God?

Do you hear, enjoy and enter fully into the invitation of salvation of one-on-one intimacy with God?