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Faith and trust

Acts 3:16 – Heaven Comes To Earth

Here is the revelation that is shaping my life today – the redemptive plans and glory of heaven invade earth through the portal of exercised faith.

Acts 3:16 NLT

“Through faith in the name of Jesus, this man was healed-and you know how crippled he was before. Faith in Jesus’ name has healed him before your very eyes.


Faith, a commodity no one lacks that releases Heaven on earth. No one stands outside of their exercising of faith. For the freedom to choose was the victory of the cross, we are no longer slaves but free, free to choose. And therefore the choice to exercise faith always lies within my ability. It may be more difficult given my circumstances, my brokenness, the vows I have made, but difficulty never removes possibility when it comes to faith. God is poised and postured to receive all who come to Him by faith.


Now faith is not a way of manipulating God. We do not come by faith and demand what we want. For faith postures me to say “not my will but yours be done.” In the complexity of this random, interconnected, spiritual intertwined physical world, God moves with healing as He knows is best. So faith does not march in demanding a trade – here is my faith give me my desire. So often people feel let down by God because He did not move as they wanted based on their faith stance. Or they become disillusioned with themselves that maybe they didn’t have enough faith. We find it hard to accept that we don’t have the answers to the way and why God responds to our faith stance. It is interesting that faith is a stand in mystery, but we want to remove the mystery of the way God responds to faith. What is clear is that Heaven comes to earth when I stand by faith, but heavens manifestation, heavens timing, is beyond my comprehension. By faith, I come before my God who is faithful and is for me, and by faith, I hold on until His redemptive good is realised in my life, whatever that looks like. Faith stands in God’s future until it becomes my present.


Faith is not measured by quantity, for faith, the size of a mustard seed moves mountains. It is called little faith when it is little exercised. This is the measure of faith – is it used, is it exercised. Faith is a gift of God and Holy Spirit is the enabler of every exercise of faith I make. So even faith is not left up to my capacity. When I ask Holy Spirit to take me by the hand and lead me by faith, in that choice, that request, faith is exercised. So when you hear the voices that say “you don’t have the faith for that,” tell them that you are never in lack when it comes to faith. And exercise your heart out!



I will live the life of faith. I will by faith stand in all that God has declared over my life and for my life. I will never be seduced into the lies of “not enough faith.” I will never pick up my faith and make demands of Heaven, I will live by faith releasing the freedom in me to declare – “not my will but yours be done.”



Thank you that living heaven on earth is not done by hard works or intellectual gymnastics, rather it is the simplicity of a life of faith. Faith lays down the demands that ‘I make it happen’ and rests my mind and body confidently in your faithfulness and presence. This is how you desired and designed life to be lived. What a beautiful life, I am blessed.


Meditation truth – “Faith in Jesus’ name has healed him.”



Do you hear the voices of lack of faith? Have you allowed their lies to keep you from exercising faith in any area of God’s promises for you?

Do you know the rhythm and posture of a life of faith? Ask Holy Spirit to guide you in faith.