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Hope Love Show all

1 Timothy 1:5 – It’s all about love

Here is the revelation that is shaping my life today – love is all God wants for me and from me.

“For we reach the goal of fulfilling all the commandments when we love others deeply with a pure heart, a clean conscience, and sincere faith.”


Love is not just an important theme, it is theme of all scripture. I “fulfil all the commandments,” when I “love others deeply with a pure heart.” Religion turns Gods commands into dry heavy rule following that impresses God to love us. But all God focuses on is you and I being loved by Him, so that from the overflow of His love we be love to others. All is fulfilled when love rules.

“The greatest gift in all the world is to be loved and to love in return.” We get this, but we miss where we get this from. The need to be love, and the overflow of being love, is deeply deposited in our created being; it’s not a learned behaviour of a particular culture, it’s inherent in all humanity, for all time. The God who is love places love as the “all we need” for life story in His creation. Give me love and I can deal with everything else.

God loves us without cause. We do not get Him to love, we do not move, motivate or arouse Him to love. He is the God who is love, so loving me is the only stance he ever takes towards me. I am loved forever without a why. This is why God calls us to love, He knows and He provides us with all we need to fulfil all He desires. He gives me the love I need to be the love to others He desires. Imagine a world where we all know always that we are loved? With this fulfilled story in my own life I will love others without cause. My heart will be pure, I will not be looking to get but only to give love. For this is love: it’s a give story, not a get story.


Following God is following love. Following love into His arms so that I can be the arms of love to others. I will not follow a bunch of behavioural modification rules, this is not what God desires from me. I will focus my whole life on being His beloved so that I can be his love. Everything He desires is fulfilled when I love others. I will renew my mind with being unconditionally, forever, an all circumstances loved. I will war against any story that challenges Gods foundational story over my life. I will look for love to heal and deliver me whenever the thief of love entices, seduces and pains me into his corruption of love. I’m loved!


Thank you that loving me is on your mind – first and last, now and forever. Thank you that your call is to love. Thank you that your story for my life is a love story. Can I be more blessed and be a greater blessing to others, than to live my life loved and allowing its overflow through me? I am not in lack of love, I am full to overflow. From here I will fulfil Gods call on my life.



Spend some time in meditation. Do you live in the uncaused love story of heaven? What stories sound like truth to you that challenge and corrupt this story from shaping your life? Sit in love with the God who is love, be loved and be sent to love.