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Intimacy Living abundantly

1 Peter 4:2,8 – What will shape my being?

Here is the revelation that is shaping my life today – I choose how I live, but the choices are shaped by two.

1 Peter 4:2,8 TPT

[2] So live the rest of your earthly life no longer concerned with human desires but consumed with what brings pleasure to God.



There are two ways to live, to find life, in which to invest my life. Follow the human desires that chase after the things of the world, or follow after what brings pleasure to God.

There are three basic desires of the world, accumulation, self, and happiness. Human desires are fuelled by consumerism, the desperate pursuit of what I don’t have and the constant driving of want. It looks at others and says “I must have what they have.” It then collects and accumulates. Human desire is driven by self, for self reigns supreme in the world. If it’s good for me then anything can be sacrificed for my good, whether that be family, friends, others, ‘I’ reign supreme. For “self-satisfied” is the ultimate aspiration of human desire. And then there is the human desire for happiness, the fantasy island where all things are “good.” I invest myself in the pursuit of a place that is unable to exist.


Then there is living in a way that is pleasing to God. Essentially this life is focused on freedom, love and others. What brings immense pleasure to God is when His people live in the freedom of forgiveness and right relationship with Him that He has gifted to us completely in Jesus. Free from disqualification, condemnation and shame, free to live in His uninterrupted intimate presence. It is crazy but what brings God pleasure is my company, and his greatest desire for my life is that I would live here. God’s pleasure is me receiving, reciprocating and replicating His love. “Above all, constantly echo God’s intense love for one another.” (8) Living in His love as His beloved, returning His love and be His love, here is my God’s pleasure. Restoration, rescue, redemption, are God’s plan for His planet and He sends me, to others, as the vehicle of delivery. What brings God pleasure is when I live in the boldness of the adventure of bringing the blessing of His heaven, His ways, into the lives of others. God loves it when I am free from the tyranny of the demanding “satisfy me” self, and in His story of sacrificial giving or myself to others in His name.

Two ways to shape life. The choice is mine.


I will live free from the seduction, the concern of human desires, and the smallness of the me focused story. I will live my life bringing pleasure to God. Being in His presence, being in His love, being His love to others. It’s all about who will I be, what will shape my being? I know who I want to be and I will shape my life in being that person. I know I will constantly fail, but I will carry my failures openly with them never becoming a disqualifying voice, I will ensure God’s freedom silences their disqualifying screams.





Thank you for showing me life. Thank you for enabling me to walk in and have this life. Thank you that your pleasure is in giving me yourself and your life, that I may be restored into the life you intended for me. I am blessed in you for life with you.



What is shaping your life? What stories are framing the way you live?