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Faith and trust Living abundantly Overcoming Show all

1 Corinthians 7:31 – To live in the world but not it’s systems

Here is the revelation that will shape my life today…..

We are to live as those who live in the world system but are not absorbed by it, for the world as we know it is quickly passing away.


The systems of the world are not God’s systems. God brings a new system and His kingdom stands in total contrast to the world. The challenge for us is to live in the world but not in it’s systems.

The Kingdom of God, where life is structured as God intended, was inaugurated through and in the person of Jesus. He established the Kingdom and defeated the rule of the world, the powers and principalities of darkness. In this defeat, Jesus enabled free entry into this new way of life for all, through His name. The Kingdom of God has come and is being fully established as its citizens live out its ways on Earth. It will be fully realised in the return of Jesus, and then there will be no opposing system, only abundant life.

The systems of the world operate on self elevation through violence and power. Security is found in accumulation. The Kingdom of God operates with a focus on others, with forgiveness and blessing forging security, and with provision found in the King. 

Worldly systems fail, and will always fail. There is a massive disparity in the distribution of value and worth. 17,000 children will starve today while the world will spend more than enough to feed the planet on weapons for war, in the name of peace. Ridiculous right! I do not condemn the world, for this response makes perfect sense based on its systems. But I speak to myself and those rescued into the Kingdom. The challenge is to live here, immersed in the culture but not absorbed into the system. And oh, how absorbing it is.



I need to observe, think and listen. Its about living intimately with the King to understand His systems and then trust them for your life. 

I choose to seek intimacy. Without it, the ways of the world will absorb me. God’s Kingdom ways and systems are not laid out in a textbook to be learned and obeyed, for obedience is powerless to withstand the seduction and cultural current of the world. He meets me in my everyday and leads me to see Kingdom, speak Kingdom, walk Kingdom and love Kingdom. You can only live Kingdom when you surrender to the King and his intimate leading, otherwise the world will prevail in shaping my walk. 


Thank you that you don’t forgive me and send me back into the life systems that hurt and brutalise me. Thank you that you rescue me into a new system that releases me into abundance. Thank you that you stay the course of life with me, leading me into all that you intended for me and for the world, before time even began. Thank you that you have been universally faithful to your creation and intimately faithful to me. I am blessed!!


Spend some time in meditation. Ask Jesus to inscribe the ways of the Kingdom on your heart.