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Living abundantly Show all

Psalm 148:5,6 – If He Is Creator Then…..

The revelation that is shaping my life today – when I accept the creator the magnificence of His creation becomes boldly clear.

Psalm 148:5,6 TPT

Let the entire universe erupt with praise to God. From nothing to something he spoke and created it all. He established the cosmos to last forever, and he stands behind his commands so his orders will never be revoked.


Did God create the heavens and earth? Science desires another answer but climbs the mountain of understanding only to find God standing there. An explanation that does not satisfy many intellectually. They do not want a God of creation, they want an understanding they can then inspect and control. If there is a being behind creation then it would be foolish not to interact.

How amazingly beautiful, if it is true, that the one who created everything, the one who maintains and sustains everything, loves His creation, and loves me. He made it for me, a place where I could thrive in life with Him and find incredible pleasure and joy. He gave me meaning by giving me the responsibility of maintaining and releasing its beauty. How amazing is His generous goodness to us that the creator allows His pinnacle of creation, me, the freedom to love Him and the freedom to reject Him and His love. Crazy creator or amazingly beautiful creator?


The intricacies of design and the amazing complexity of the interrelatedness of all creation, the razor edge of destruction that is so close but never crossed, illustrates the intimate interaction of the creator. He did not enjoy the creation process and then walked away for it to hang in the gallery for all to admire. He created with such joy and then maintains the beauty of the balance with His intimate attention. “He stands behind his commands so his orders will never be revoked.” This intimacy is not only with the enormity of the cosmos but He walks intimately with me, inviting me into my interconnectedness – to Him, to the planet, to those who orbit in my part of influencing the world.


To look at a painting often leaves me cold. I can appreciate it but not really see it. Then the painter tutors me on the intricacies of his masterpiece and what was there all along becomes alive to me.  I am changed as the artist interprets His creation. This is the invitation of God, to understand creation not from individual reflection but from the intimacy of His explanation. To accept Him as creator is to then allow Him to introduce you to the magnificence of creation, to the magnificence of me, it’s to follow Him into His design.

To accept Him as creator is to accept my smallness. I am no longer a critic of His work but part of His masterpiece. When I accept my smallness then maybe I will allow myself to see and embrace my foolishness. How foolish is it for the creation to critique its creator? The one who knows me better than I know myself, the one who knows the creation I thrive in better than anyone else, wants to walk with me that I may thrive in the beauty of that which He created for me. I see the mess around me, the mess of the world, the mess of my life, the mess of those in my orbit, all caused through my exercise of freedom to not walk in the ways and intimacy of the creator. It’s a challenge to realise that all I desire, the passion for a full life that is wired in me, is offered to me by the one who created it, yet often I walk out and say “I’ve got this, I’m not sure you are who you say you are.”


If we can put aside our intellectual objections for a moment we might allow ourselves to see the beauty of the creator, and that beauty may draw us where our intellect blocks us from going. If I accept Him as creator then I will erupt with praise and exercise my freedom to walk in His intimacy of design. I will stop trying to find another author and come to the table of fellowship and learn the ways and rhythms of life that were designed for me to walk. I will stop critiquing creation and become immersed in the beauty of its design and my part in it. I will bring my brokenness to the one who creates something from nothing and allow His healing words, presence and power to reshape me, that the beauty I have marred may become visible again in all its majesty.



Thank you that you make yourself known through your creation. The beauty, the life, the abundance all reflects you, it’s speaks of your generosity, love and provision for me. Thank you that you hold it all together as the playground of life for me to enjoy you. I will accept my smallness so that I can play and live in your greatness. Thank you for such a beautiful creation and an amazing life with you. I am blessed.


Do I treat God as the creator of all things?

Do I see Him in His creation and erupt in praise?