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Living abundantly Sin and my stuff ups

Luke 13:34 – How do you see God?

Here is the revelation that is shaping my life today- my sin does not turn God away, even when I reject His ways.

Luke 13:34 TPT

[34] O city of Jerusalem, you are the city that murders your prophets! You are the city that pelts to death with stones the very messengers who were sent to deliver you! So many times I have longed to gather your wayward children together around me, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings-but you were too stubborn to let me.


When we see Jesus we see God. So here we see Jesus mourning for the city of Jerusalem, a people he loves who have always rejected him. Their rejection has not reduced his passion for them. We see that God loves them deeply and desires to protect and care for them; “as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings,” but the people reject him. So we know from this scene that God is not in control, He does not get His ways. He has given us, me, free will, and He honours that gift as irrevocable. The will of God is not carried out as free-will agents make decisions to walk in opposition to His call and His ways. The world is as it is, not because God is punishing it, not because God is authoring it, but because free will agents exercise their will to oppose the will of God. When you see disaster in your life where do you point the finger of blame?


We see clearly that God’s heart breaks for me. He has continually sent messengers to call me to deliverance and life, and yet I reject them outright. I exercise my free will to reject His invitation to life. This is what God is like. So often God is presented as distant and demanding, but a look at Jesus and see that God is revealed to be the opposite. How often have I rejected the messages God sends me to call me into His life, how often have I rejected the protection of His outstretched arms, how often have I not seen how deeply His heart breaks for me. Am I as blind and disobedient as Jerusalem? Is the chaos in my life Gods doing? Or are my decisions weighty and impactful?


This scene shows that God stands broken over my life even after and while I reject him constantly. His passion for me is not reduced by sin. Despite my continual rejection, he sends more messages of life, hope, and love. Despite my continual sin, he longs for me with outstretched wings. My sin never overcomes His love. I never change Him, He always stands ready to change me.


I will not paint a picture of God that does not agree with the God revealed in Jesus. I will not live my life walking in the shoes of Jerusalem. I will not blame God for the chaos of life, either authored by me or thrown randomly in my path. I will look at the world with clarity as revealed to me in Jesus. I will celebrate freedom and walk in its required responsibility. I will welcome all messengers and messages of the Kingdom into my life.


Thank you that your heart is for me, that your outstretched wings look to shelter and protect me always. Thank you that you do not demand and coerce, but in love invite me. Thank you that you are forever sending me messages that call me into your life. Thank you that you still come and die for me even though I have rejected you so often. How good is God! How blessed is life walked under His wings.



How do you see God? Does it contradict the God revealed in Jesus?

How do you see your free will and God’s control?