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Living abundantly

Luke 11:52 – The hopeless fraud that is religion

Here is the revelation that is shaping my life today- religion deceives us and keeps us from the house of God.

Luke 11:52 TPT

[52] “You are nothing but hopeless frauds, you experts of religion! You take away from others the key that opens the door to the house of knowledge. Not only do you lock the door and refuse to enter, you do your best to keep others from the truth.”


Religion cannot ever open the door to God. What a hopeless fraud religion is. It promises me that I will be set right with God but loads me with impossible burdens of behaviour that I fall constantly under the weight of.

Luke 11:46 “Yes, and you are hopeless frauds, you experts of the law! For you crush people beneath the burden of obeying impossible religious regulations, yet you would never even think of doing them yourselves. What hypocrites!” How many people never meet God because they confuse Him with religion and the absolute rubbish preached by the religious frauds and hypocrites who peddle religion? This is one of the most evil deceptions, that the beauty of God would be totally masked and lost behind the disgusting fraud of religion.


Jesus hates religion, he came to expose religion, he was put to death by religion, to destroy religion. He is NOT religious he is the opposite of religion. Religion is the creation of a hypocritical man that tries to create laws and then enforce them, as to how we can be made right with God. Religion is made by man and opposed by God. You will never meet God if you follow the path of the hypocrites who peddle their religious observances and rules. They set them in place then dress up to be the so-called priestly administer of their created demands. It’s all garbage, it’s all about power and control, it’s all a big burden of hypocrisy that defeats its so-called end – to be made right with God. Please join me in vomiting it’s powerless hypocritical truth out of existence.


Here is the “key that opens the door to the house of knowledge.” God is love, He made you from His love, for His love, to be His love. So He himself, nothing you do or don’t do, but totally out of His love for you, makes the way for you to be made completely perfectly right with Him. So that you can live in His love always, without fear, without shame, without disqualification. It’s all achieved in His coming to rescue you and redeem you. And He was completely successful. It’s all in Jesus plus nothing righteousness. The ‘nothing’ part is my part, your part. Religion hates the ‘nothing,’ for they are then not required and have no position or power, for there is nothing for me to do, so nothing for them to do! God puts religion out of work by removing them from the righteousness equation.


Religion sets the rules of observance high and says “jump that and you will find God waiting for you.” But God came for you and did everything to make you right with Him and says “now all who come will find forgiveness, rebirth, healing, restoration, rescue, redemption, oh and the price has been fully paid.” God just sticks it to religion and says “back off they are mine.”



Don’t let religion keep you from the key that opens the door to the house of knowledge. I will vomit out religion’s accusations and demands and live free all my life. I will not carry religion’s burden, I will live free in the righteousness that comes from God. I’m living in the house of knowledge, not chained to the mill of religious activity and hypocrisy.


Thank you for complete freedom from religion. Thank you for complete freedom to live in your presence and love. Thank you that you are the key to the house of knowledge and you never lock the door on me. Thank you for coming to get me, I would have never made it over the fence of religious observance.



How often does the voice and demands of religion keep you from the beauty and love of God?

Do you understand that every time you hear and respond to the voice and demands of disqualification, shame, condemnation, or rules of observance, then you are serving religion?