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Living abundantly

Hebrews 3:1,12,16,19 – I am at the Table

Here is the revelation that is shaping my life today – I have made it, I am not working towards God I am living from His feast of life. But I must be aware and responsible of the seduction of rebellion and unbelief.

Hebrews 3:1,12,16,19 TPT

[1] And so, dear brothers and sisters, you are now made holy, and each of you is invited to the feast of your heavenly calling. So fasten your thoughts fully onto Jesus, whom we embrace as our Apostle and King-Priest. [12] So search your hearts every day, my brothers and sisters, and make sure that none of you has evil or unbelief hiding within you. For it will lead you astray, and make you unresponsive to the living God. [16] The same people who were delivered from bondage and brought out of Egypt by Moses were the ones who heard and still rebelled. [19] It is clear that they could not enter into their inheritance because they wrapped their hearts in unbelief.


We have made it. Life with God is not a journey towards Him, it’s a journey where we live from Him. In Jesus “you are now made holy,” you have fully made it. So we learn how to remain connected, how to live in the fullness of being in Him, from a position of already fully completely made holy, made right, made it! No longer am I trying to overcome my sin so I can be accepted, I am not on a journey trying to get to God, I am at the table feasting on the life He intended for me, I have fastened myself to Jesus and I am experiencing the life I never dreamed possible. There is always more to discover but it is not being held back from me waiting for me to earn my stripes or inclusion. It flows from the life of intimacy that I am fully invited to enjoy daily.


The enemy is not trying to keep me from reaching God, his seduction is to lead me away. I will search my heart to see where His deception and lies are looking to lead me astray and make me unresponsive to the goodness of God I live fully in. Jesus has made me fully acceptable, fully arrived, fully present to the Kingdom of God, but I can still rebel from the beauty of this life, through unbelief and allowing the shaping stories of evil to capture me. I can allow the questions of life, the whys and what’s that I can’t comprehend, to make me question God’s goodness. I can walk in the ways of evil that make me question God’s acceptance of me. I can walk in the circumstances of life and the pain it releases and rebel into a place that demands God be my puppet and make all things right in exchange for my belief. The enemy doesn’t keep me from God, in Jesus, I have arrived, He seduces into rebellion and unbelief so that I do not inherit the fullness of the banquet of life that is laid before me. Here is the enemy’s strategy – “For it will lead you astray, and make you unresponsive to the living God.”


The writer uses the history of his readers, the story of Moses leading the people out of Egypt, as a warning that you can be delivered from bondage but not enter into the promised inheritance through rebellion and unbelief. “You are now made holy,” you have been delivered fully into the fullness of the life of God, but we can miss the fullness of our inheritance through rebellion and unbelief. This is why the encouragement to search your heart for deception and evil and fasten your life to Jesus.


I will live aware firstly that I have fully made it, I am holy, accepted, loved, family, feasting. I will not work my way to a table I already have a place at. I will live aware secondly to the seduction of the enemy to lead me astray in unbelief and unresponsiveness to the feast I am a privileged guest at. I will be responsible for my thoughts, for this is where unbelief starts its invasion. I will live aware that I have the capacity to choose and I am in charge and responsible for the stories I choose to shape my life in. I will be aware and take responsibility for what these stories release into my family lines and those whom I share the world with. I will live my days feasting on my heavenly calling and the fullness of inheritance of the life that is mine in Him, in His kingdom.


Thank you that you have made me holy, right and accepted to feast on life with you. I did not earn it, deserve it, I did nothing but opened the revelation of salvation and came running to the feast of life. Thank you for my place at the table. Thank you that you hold nothing of you or the life of your kingdom back from me. Thank you that I do not graduate into more fullness, but rather I intimately journey with you into all that is yours. I am feasting on life and the beauty and awe of the banquet I will never exhaust in this lifetime. I am blessed, I am holy.


Are you trying to reach the table or are you feasting intimately on the life that God spreads before you?

Do you have a rhythm of searching your heart to see where unbelief and rebellion are depositing their deceiving thinking?