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Living abundantly

Acts 6:1 Compare and compete or give and bless?

Here is the revelation that is shaping my life today – how often life is shaped by the rumblings of discontent.

Acts 6:1 NLT

[1] But as the believers rapidly multiplied, there were rumblings of discontent. The Greek-speaking believers complained about the Hebrew-speaking believers, saying that their widows were being discriminated against in the daily distribution of food.



It seems we all have a leaning toward “rumblings of discontent.” Whenever we compare and compete we will find ourselves in discontent. Consumerism is a story of discontent. For consumerism thrives on comparing and competing, and this always releases a righteous sense of judgment, “they got more than me, it’s not fair.” And discontent leads to a sense of lack, and that leads to disunity. How do I find a new way to respond to things that don’t seem right where it’s not “rumblings of discontent?” God invites me to live from a posture where I am satisfied, where I fill my mouth with gratitude, where I look for others to succeed and not personal success. These are the shaping stories of peace and contentment for life. Where I don’t see others as competitors chasing after the things I want, but through the eyes of them being cherished children of God, as I am.


It happens in so many scenes of life – “rumblings of discontent.” It happens in family, in church, in the workplace, in the sporting arena. It’s not that we ignore injustice, but can we come to the table from a different shaping story. Rather than you have more, it’s unfair, can we start with you have more there is an amazing opportunity to bless. Imagine if our posture and joy were blessing others, and whenever we had the opportunity we would rush into its pleasure. We are so deeply robbed of this and sacrifice its pleasure on the altar of accumulation and more for self. Despite the fact that accumulation has left us deeply sad and unsatisfied. It’s my birthday next week and my beautiful wife asks “what do you want for your birthday?” Is it sad that I say “I can’t think of anything?” Is it that I don’t have many wants, or have I accumulated for so long that there are no needs, and no room, for anything more?



Have I lost the pleasure of blessing others? Holy Spirit bring me into awareness of how deeply I have been seduced by the deception and trap of consumerism.



Thank you that you call us into stories for life that release us into abundance. The stories of blessing others, the story of the success of others before self, the story of laying down of the compare and compete model for living. Thank you that you invite me into a life of peace and contentment, a life so much bigger than the story of self. Thank you that you lead me into the posture for a life of blessing and giving. I live blessed because of your righting presence.



Meditation truth – live free of the rumblings of discontent.



How much of life is shaped by compare and compete, by the story of consumerism?

Do I know the joy and pleasure of blessing others?