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Living abundantly

1 Peter 2:16 – How free?

This is the revelation that is shaping my life today – Jesus followers are the most free people on planet earth.

1 Peter 2:16 TPT

[16] As God’s loving servants, you should live in complete freedom, but never use your freedom as a cover-up for evil.


“Complete freedom,” what an invitation, what a promise. Why is it that so many people look at the Christian faith and would describe it more in terms of imprisoned not complete freedom? Wherever and whenever God’s good news is hijacked by people for their own ends – complete freedom is turned into the stench of demanding religion dressed poorly in Jesus masks.


So what does complete freedom look like for those who follow God? Completely free, through the power of forgiveness, from the power of sin to separate me from God and to speak and infect my life with shame, condemnation, and disqualification. Completely free, as God is now with me always, from the life robbing story is isolation. Completely free from worry, anxiety, as my God provides and has given me the assurance of my future eternity with Him. Completely free from the lostness that comes when meaning is absent, completely free to be able to interpret this world and its comings and goings. Completely free from the identities that were thrust upon me by my brokenness and pain, my family, friends and culture, to live in the identity of Heaven and the intimacy of sonship. Completely free to never be crushed by circumstances, but to see the redemptive plan of God come through all circumstances. Completely free to live always accepted and loved with no call of qualification upon my performance. Completely free to enter the presence of God at any moment. Completely free access to all the beauty and treasure of the Kingdom of God. Completely free from the power of manipulation, coercion, and the deception and seduction of evil, as I am able to take every thought I have captive and investigate its origin, evil or God, as I have the mind of Christ in the presence of Holy Spirit. I am completely free from punishment and judgment in the spiritual realm as in Christ all my punishment has been laid on Him and I am judged in him, not by me.


Absolutely incredible free! Now be responsible with your freedom. Don’t use it to promote evil, “ as a cover-up for evil,” even though you are free to do exactly that. When I use my freedom for evil I lose my freedom, as I compromise my freedom to live the fullness of life that I am free to live in the ways of God. Freedom comes with great responsibility to defend it, to enjoy it, to live it. I love that God never uses manipulation or coercion, that he sets me completely free and then loves me into the life of responsible freedom. He does not hold my freedom as a carrot and reward, He establishes me in complete unending freedom based on Him, not me, and then invites me into an uninterrupted intimate relationship that enables the life of responsible freedom to flow naturally.


I will never compromise the complete freedom that God gifts me. I will live my life in a manner that glorifies His freedom by living completely free. This is the glory of God – that I live loving Him and doing as I please. I will always live in the fullness of the greatest freedom afforded me, to be the recipient of His love, to replicate His love and return His love.


Thank you for complete freedom. What a life! I am blessed!



What aspects of life is God wanting to lead you into a greater measure of freedom?