Sin and my stuff ups

Titus 3:7 – innocent and faultless me!

Here is the revelation that is shaping my life today – my past can be reshaped and its condemning voice silenced.

Titus 3:7 TPT

[7] So as a gift of his love, and since we are faultless- innocent before his face- we can now become heirs of all things, all because of an overflowing hope of eternal life.


So often the pain in my present is the echo of my past. The challenge with the past is that there is no going back, we can’t go back and fix it, change it. The what I have done stands fixed in time immovable and unchangeable of past time. It’s accompanying stories of shame, condemnation, disqualification draw me and trap me in their painful accusations. So how do I stop the echo from having a say, often a powerful say, in the shape of my now. How do I reshape that which I can’t get to?

This is the beautiful rescue of God over our lives. In Jesus “we are faultless- innocent before his face.” The past is reshaped by his forgiveness. And everyday past, tomorrow when it passes, is washed clean. In Jesus forgiveness was released to all the world, where the stain of our guilt has, completed act of the past, been washed clean forever. I am forgiven before I ask, that is what it means to live in the fullness of resurrection life with God. Forgiven, innocent and faultless. The echos are reshaped and their sting silenced by the healing of forgiveness. I am a new man, my story is now shaped in new truth – “faultless and innocent.” If God declares this over me, then I can receive it as my shaping story.

So, I can get away with anything since I stand forever forgiven?!? Well yes and no. Yes, my forgiveness, faultlessness, innocence, in Gods eyes never changes. So my relationship with Him stands firm in the face of the “anything” I may do. But there is fruit in the seed of my “anything,” my doings. It’s called consequences. When I do my “anything” that damages my life and those around me, I don’t get away from the consequences. The punishment is in the seed. God does not add further punishment, He does not demand any make ups or make goods or payments, He has already forgiven my “anything” before I get to it. So yes and no to your question.

God releases me from being trapped in the past and it’s shaping echos so from the fullness of his presence I will shape my “anything’s,” my life. God never tries to shape my life from any motivation than the beauty of His person, presence and love. So He ensures that I am always welcomed, innocent and faultless, in His presence. We inherit the life of the Kingdom, in the now and in the eternal, ONLY from the presence of the King. Restored unhindered intimacy enables me to shape my life on the inheritance of the life He intended for me.


I will shape my life from the story of forgiven, innocent and faultless. From the fullness of the intimacy with my God this ensures for me, I will shape my present and reshape my past. The echos of the past will submit to the truth of my new story. The accompanying stories will loose their sting as I receive this healing. My past will no longer shatter or shape my present. I will rejoice and defend this truth in my life.



Thank you that you do everything to bring me into your intimate presence. Thank you that life flows relationally from you, not based on rules or religious obedience, but the overflow of my experience of your love. Thank you for innocence and faultlessness, it’s a beautiful thing to be so clean. Thank you for the healing this brings to my life. A blessed person lives in freedom from the past, I am blessed.


How loud is the echo of your past in shaping your present?

Are you able to walk in the fullness of Gods declaration of “ faultless- innocent before his face?”

How comfortable are you in the presence of God? What echos challenge your comfort?


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