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Hebrews 2:14,17-18 – Known

Here is the revelation that is shaping my life today – the depth by which God has gone to to know me and be known to me. I am never alone, or unknown, in the walk of this life.

Hebrews 2:14,17-18 TPT

[14] Since all his “children” have flesh and blood, so Jesus became human to fully identify with us. He did this, so that he could experience death and annihilate the effects of the intimidating accuser who holds against us the power of death. [17] This is why he had to be a Man and take hold of our humanity in every way. He made us his brothers and sisters and became our merciful and faithful King-Priest before God; as the One who removed our sins to make us one with him. [18] He suffered and endured every test and temptation, so that he can help us every time we pass through the ordeals of life


I am known from walking in my shoes. So often people say “you don’t know what I am going through.” Well here is the thing – God does. God put on flesh, “became human, to fully identify with us.” There is nothing I am walking through that God does not understand, he knows me from walking in my shoes, from putting on my flesh. He became flesh to “take hold of our humanity in every way.”


He did this to “annihilate the effects of the intimidating accuser.” The accuser always looks to kill our relationship with God through disqualification. Every time you sense yourself being drawn by feelings, argument, condemnation or doubt to walk away from your intimacy with God, you will find the intimidating voice of the accuser at the deceptive root of your thinking. Jesus came to destroy this work of death.


He put on our flesh to invite us into the family. I can’t call a dog my brother, a dog is not of my kind. Well God became my kind, so I could become His kind, His family. “He made us his brothers and sisters.” With all the rights, privilege, and inheritance of family. And in the flesh God “removed our sins to make us one with him.” He made sure for all time that anything that separate the family from intimate knowing was removed. God knows me completely, as creator, as fellow man, as all knowing God, but He uses His knowing for forgiveness not judgement. Forgiveness is for God, He wants you without the interruption of your mask wearing and hiddenness, without the interruptions of your perceived failures and pursuing shame. Removed everything that would interrupt oneness.


He put on flesh “so that he can help us every time we pass through the ordeals of life.” He is fellow journeyor, He is family, He is “faithful King-Priest before God;” so that he can walk with me. He doesn’t say so that I will never pass through the ordeals of life, but rather “every time we pass through.” Where do you turn when the ordeals come? Your enemy loves to have me turn to isolation, to depression, to overwhelmed, but here is the invitation to turn t o family, who love you, get you, understand all there is to know of you, and who are postured to help. There is nothing he does not understand about your journey “He suffered and endured every test and temptation,” so take up his offer.



I will live from being part of the family. I will not embrace the deception that I am unknown, that my path is unknown, that no one gets what I am going through, I will never subscribe to these isolation tactics of my enemy, I will not be that foolish. I am known from inside my shoes, I am known from inside the family, I am known from the same testing and tempting. And in coming to know me God destroyed all the hinderances of knowing, namely my failure and sin. So I’m living known – intimately, family known.


Thank you that you are the up close and personal God. Thank you for walking my path to have me walk with you. Thank you for coming to me that I can come to you. Thank you for knowing me from flesh, that I may be family. Thank you for all that you gave up so that I could be brought up into the life you intended for me. Thank you that you help me to live the life you intend for me. I have never heard a better story over my life, for my life. I will live blessed in its fullness.



How often do feelings of ‘alone’ seduce you into their isolating small stories?

How beautiful is it to be known by God and welcomes into His family?

Do you live in the presence of God as family?